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Recycling in the Classroom

Knowledge is Power

Recycle Training is an online platform designed to provide education and resources to help encourage more sustainable practices. We offer a range of content and videos that cover the fundamentals of recycling, from the basics of sorting items into proper categories to more advanced topics such as composting and zero-waste living. Our goal is to help create a better future for our planet by helping to spread the message of recycling and sustainability.

At USA Environmental Services, we believe that education is the key to creating a cleaner, more sustainable future. We aim to create a movement around environmental education and awareness by teaching our communities about best practices for recycling. Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions by helping create a cleaner recycling stream. We know that starting education and learning for children is the best way to advance our goal to zero waste in the future.


Waste Stream 101: Acceptable vs Non-Acceptable Items


Know Your Recyclables  | Clear Wash Dry  |  Bags Get Trashed

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Recycle Training Know Your Recyclables

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Recycle Training Know Your Recyclables
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Recycle Training Know Your Recyclables

Recycle Training Know Your Recyclables

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Recycle Training Clear Wash Dry

Recycle Training Clear Wash Dry

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Recycle Training Bags Get Trashed

Recycle Training Bags Get Trashed

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Know Your Recyclables  | Clear Wash Dry  |  Bags Get Trashed

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Paper & Cardboard

Office paper, magazines, newspaper, mail and flattened cardboard can all be recycled. These items cannot be recycled if they're contaminated by waste, liquid or food.

Tip 1:  Paper cannot be recycled if it is mixed with other materials. Remove plastic windows and bubble wrap before recycling envelopes or padded packaging.

Tip 2:  Break down & flatten cardboard boxes. This will provide more space in your recycling bin and ease the recycling process at your local facility.


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Food Scraps & Yard Waste.jpg
Food Scraps & Yard Waste

What food scraps & yard waste can I recycle? 

Tip 1:  The link below will bring you to an organics recycling educational page. On this page, you will find a link called "Check your local program." From there, you can search for programs available in your City for California residents.

Tip 2:  Choose a container size that fits your home or business needs. Find a place to store it. Keep food scraps in the fridge or freezer and dispose of these items on collection day.

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